Hashes in Japan

Hashes in Kansai

Kansai is the Kyoto/Nara/Osaka/Kobe area and is the one you are most likely to visit if you are touring the country. All these hashes are accessable from all parts of the area. All Kansai hashes, like the others in Japan, are mixed. If you are phoning any of these numbers from outside Japan dial +81 and omit the first 0. Japan time is GMT minus 9 hours.


Mondays:Kobe Hash House Harriers. Since 1978. Japan's second hash, and the largest hash in Kansai. Every Monday at 7:00 pm from various locations. Run fee ¥800. Contact Slimie Limie, 0726-76-2869 or Beerhead 072-725-8380. Updated 8th November 2007..
Wednesdays:Kobe Hash House Harriettes. The Harriettes run on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm, locations vary. Phone Hash Pig 078-997-1394(H) or email Enka Bird Updated 1st August 2006.
Thursdays/Saturdays:Kyoto HHH is now deceased.
Full and New Moons: The Kinky Fully Mooned Hash House Harriers run on the Sundays or public holidays nearest the full and new moons from all over the Kansai area. Contact Martyn Slimie Limie Weeks (0726) 76-2869(H). Updated 30th November 2009.
Saturdays:Osaka Hash House Harriers. The Big City Hash runs on the last Saturday of each month in Osaka at 6:00 pm. Check here for the next run. Contact Beerhead 072-725-8380. Updated 8th November 2007.

Hashes in Tokyo and district

Further details of hashing in the Tokyo/Kanto area can be found on the Tokyo Area Hashes home page. Details of this week's runs can be found at this location. All Kanto hashes, like the others in Japan, are mixed. If you are phoning any of these numbers from outside Japan dial +81 and omit the first 0. Japan time is GMT minus 9 hours.

Mondays:Tokyo Hash House Harriers, Japan's oldest hash, runs every Monday at 1915. Men, women, some of the world's fastest beer drinkers and more fun than ever. Contact Andy "Anthill" Howell (03) 3725-6904(H), (03) 3206-3492(W), (03) 3725-6904(F), e-mail, or Andrew "Snow White" Sheppard, (03) 3379-8915(H), (03) 3436-0591x1039(W), (03) 3379-8915(F), e-mail.
Wednesdays:Tokyo Hash House Harriettes. Hash that runs every Wednesday from 1920. Down-downs at the end, on-ons always follow. Visitors pay ¥1,000; virgins run for free. Phone Wendy "Queue Cum" Jackson, (03) 3793-1217(H), or Kazuyo "Two Buchos" Kato, e-mail , (03) 3235-5905(H)(F).
Fridays:Finally Friday Fukov HHH. The F3H3, or Friday Fukov Hash was founded 09 July 2004 by Old Sock and run in central Tokyo, on Fridays, strangely enough, at 19:30. The cost is 1,000 yen. Email Rapunzel or visit their website. Trails are usually A to A, prelaid. Run is followed by beer and snacks then circle with down-downs, outdoors at run venue (or possibly somewhere warmer after winter runs). Updated 15th November 2009.
Saturdays:The Samurai HHH was founded in May 1984, by Milt "Uncle Milty" Halloran, and is based in Kanagawa Prefecture (30 Km southwest of Tokyo), Japan. Year round, the Samurai Hash averages 45 to 80 Hashers per run. The Samurai Hash is a mixed-sex, mixed-nationality Hash group that always uses "live" hares. Runs are scheduled at 2pm every Saturday (and sometimes on holidays), with Family Hash runs at the same time on the third Sunday of each month. Occasionally "Hash Alerts" are called, and at least three times a year, the Samurai sponsors overnighters that take advantage of the natural beauty of Japan. Samurai Hash runs start and end near train stations making it convenient for anyone to get to throughout Tokyo. Cost for each run is either $5 or ¥700. Contact: Donna "Sheer XTC" Olmsted (0462) 51-1788 +263-7676 (H), e-mail or John "Sakura Sucker" Grim (0462) 51-1788 +263-7686, e-mail, or Toshiyuki "Hard Hat" Miura, (0427) 42-3340(H), e-mail. Samurai now have their own website. Check it out!
Sundays:Rising Moon H3 run the Sunday nearest the Full Moon at 3pm, men, women, children and small animals boldly going where no hash has been before. Contact Andrew "Snow White" Sheppard (03) 3379-8915(H), (03) 3436-0591x1039(W), (03) 3379-8915(F), e-mail or Fred "Hash Doc" Shane, (03) 3403-6953(H), (03) 3583-7831(W), (03) 3583 8199(F).
Sundays:Tochigi Raijin Hash House Harriers. Mixed hash runs once a month, third Sunday. Tochigi is located 100k N of Tokyo. One of our hashers manages a micro brewery. Run fee ¥500. Contact Tadahiko Nakayama (Noble Sausage), (0289) 76-2819(H/W), or Koichi Kashibuchi (Kabuki), (0289) 85-1152(H), e-mail or Yukie Saito (Jelly MOuth), (03) 3226-1782(H/W), e-mail 03-3226-1782(H/W/F).
Sundays:Choshi Rising Sun Hash House Harriers. Mixed Hash that runs 1000 Sundays in Winter (3rd Sunday only) 1000 Sundays in Summer (1st and 3rd Sunday only). Food and Drinks provided at end of run Cost ¥500: non drinkers/¥1000: drinkers. Contact Doug Palmer (Bush Banger), (0479) 22-9903(H/F), e-mail.
Sundays:Ibaraki Hash House Harriers is a mixed hash in Tsukuba, 1 hour from Tokyo in beautiful country. Live rock at On On. Usually one Sunday a month. They have a new website. Writes Toe Jam: "Ibaraki (Tsukuba Science City) is about an hour from Tokyo by train (Joban Line) or bus (from Tokyo Station). It's uncrowded, peaceful, clean air and much nature. Overnight possibilities available at fellow Hashers' homes. We encourage all Japanese Hashers to stop by and check out the country's newest Hash!!!" Current GM: Slammin' Bambi. Contact: Slammin' Bambi, E-mail: e-mail

Sundays:In Gunma. Adventurous Takasaki Hash House Harriers and Harriettes is a new mixed Hash that runs one Sunday a month at 11am, in different locations in Gunma. Beer and food available after run. Boasts biggest beer mug and the smallest T-Shirts! Check out their website. Says Honey "We are a mixed group, so the idea is to make many loops and checks, so all runners/walkers can make it. We run in the countryside, up and down steep hills, through forest, cutting grass, rice fields, bamboo forest creeks, temples, caves and so on. After the run there is beer and different food available for reasonble prices. In winter time we start and finish from onsens or other nice and warm places." Contact Stefan "Honey" Rupprecht (0273) 21-9038(H) e-mail, or Chris (NoName), (0273) 26-8240(H), e-mail, or Yasue Mizuhara (Black Beauty), 090-8518-4210(M), e-mail.
Sundays:Sumo H3 is now well established and runs every other Sunday at 2:00 pm in the Fussa area near Yokota Air Base. Find all the info on their website at click. Contact Hazukashii. Updated 20 March 02.
Periodic:Kanto Katch the Hare H3. Mail Pat Hey Kanojo Hourigan (03) 3457-1220, 090-2724-5281(M), (03) 3446-8990(W/F), e-mail, or Andrew "Snow White" Sheppard, (03) 3379-8915(H), (03) 3436-0591x1039(W), (03) 3379-8915(F), e-mail Runs periodically on Japanese Holidays. Live Hare chosen from the Pack. If Snared Snarer becomes the Hare.
Leap Years:Jolly Hash. Every February 29. Contact Snow White 03-3379-8915
Blue Moons:The Yokohama Blue Moon Hash runs every blue moon. Contact Snow White 03-3379-8915

Hashing in the rest of Japan in alphabetical order of location

All hashes in Japan are mixed. If you are phoning any of these numbers from outside Japan dial +81 and omit the first 0.

Hiroshima Hash House Harriers This hash is now deceased.
Hokkaido H3Nothing has been heard of this hash in a long time.

Iwakuni White Snake H3The Iwakuni White Snake H3 was founded in August 1999 and runs in the Iwakuni area (45 mins southwest of Hiroshima by train). They run on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month. They also have several extra hashes thrown in and overnight hashing weekends in addition to their traditional bi-monthly runs. A live hare kennel with trails mainly consisting of mountainous shiggy, often off-trail bushwhacking with some in town pavement running thrown in for variety. $6.00 or Yen 700 includes run, down downs, and sodas, beer, and munchies during down downs. Runs start at 2:00 pm Hash Standard Time. Starts vary and are located throughout the greater Iwakuni area and surrounding cities. Hashers who arrive train will be picked up and taken to start if requested in advance. Hosts to the 2007 Nip Nash Hash. For info: Morgan ”3 Dogs Fucking” Jones at 090-2801-6292, email; or visit their website for up to date run info, local hash traditions and detailed directions to start locations. Check it out! Updated 24 July '06.
Misawa H3Now renamed the Misawa Soba Hash House Harriers, this resurrected Hash meet at the Main Gate of Misawa Air Base in Misawa City, opposite the Russian restaurant. A mixed hash, they hash every Saturday at 1500. Contact Amanda Huggenkiss email, or check out their website. This hash is believed to be extinct.

Nagoya H3The Nagoya H3 is a mixed Hash that runs 1400 1st & 3rd Sunday in summer, 1300 3rd Sunday only in winter. Contact Annmaree "Miss Bean Abeem" Scanlan, 090-3934-3720(M), email or . Nagoya have their own website. Updated 10 Jan '04
Nagasaki H3Dave "Captain Birdseye" Smith, the Grand Master reports on this resurrected hash: Our Hash runs every two weeks on Sundays, starting at 10:30am from the passengership terminal at Matsugai pier. Membership is now around 50, with average around 15 each run but increasing all the time. Last week was 30. It's a family hash,and usually we have a barbecue afterwards. Costs are 1,500 yen for food and drinks. Contact Dave "Captain Birdseye " Smith, 095-828-4944(W), 095-832-4778(H), . This hash is believed extinct.
Okinawa H3 Visit their website or contact Jason "Sand In My Crack" Zaun, email, or 'Itaiyo', email. Those hard running hashers of the OH3 run every Saturday at 1500, every other Thursday at 1900, the last Sunday at 1400, and the last Friday at 1900. Also the Okinawa Holiday Hash House Harriers (OH4), only on Japanese Holidays (about 12 times a year) at 1500.
Sasebo Hash House Harriers The Sasebo Hash House Harriers meet every other Sunday and occasionally has an extra Hash scheduled for special occasions. If you are interested in joining us for some fun and adventure, please give Sphincter a call at home (0956)28-3552 or email.

Note: if you are phoning any of these numbers from outside Japan dial +81 and omit the first 0. Japan time is GMT minus 9 hours.

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