Kobe Hash House Harriers
Kobe, Japan


As you can see from this picture, taken on one of our more adventurous runs, Kobe is a futuristic city sandwiched between the mountains and the sea. Despite a devastating earthquake in 1995, which did not stop the Hash from running, Kobe remains one of the more pleasant cities in Japan in which to spend some time, and a great place to hash.

What is Hashing?

Hang on! You better find out a little more about hashing before you continue!

The Hash

The Kobe Hash House Harriers were founded on 9th January 1978 by Pat "Dunafew" Donoghue. The hares on the first run were Dunafew and Roger Richards. A couple of years earlier Dunafew, who learned hashing in Singapore and Hong Kong, had founded the Tokyo H3, which makes us the second hash in Japan and a direct descendant of the original Hash House Harriers.

The 1000th Run

The 1000th Run was held on 26th August 1996 at the KR&AC in Kobe. It was a most memorable night with hashers coming from far and near, including some from the very earliest days.

Nash Hash 96

Only 6 days after the 1000th run the Kobe Hash were back in action again, this time hosting the Zen NippOnOn Nash Hash with representatives from every Hash in Japan bar one (where were you Okinawa?).

I wanna hash in Kobe!

The Kobe Hash Mark

More about hashing

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